Door Hanger Sign – Customisable


Door Hanger Sign – Customisable


Introducing the Door Hanger Sign 3D Printed by Aussie 3D Makers – the perfect solution for those seeking peace and privacy while working from home, or simply looking to enhance household communication.

Our latest design is all about customisation. With the Aussie 3D Makers Door Hanger Sign, you have the creative freedom to personalise it as much as you like, making it uniquely yours. Whether you want to add a touch of your personality or make it more professional, the choice is yours.

What sets our Door Hanger Sign apart is its sleek-textured look, guaranteed to impress anyone who sees it. Crafted with attention to detail, the surface of this sign not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

In today’s world, with more and more people working from home, finding moments of peace and quiet during virtual meetings can be quite challenging. That’s where our custom 3D printed Door Hanger Sign comes into play. Hanging it on your door lets your family, housemates, or colleagues know that you’re in a meeting and need some uninterrupted time. This simple yet effective solution ensures you won’t be interrupted, enhancing your productivity and work-from-home experience.

But it’s not just for work-related matters. We’ve found that sometimes, a little deterrence is all it takes to maintain a harmonious household. Three simple words: “Do Not Disturb” can be the most impactful way to communicate your need for personal time, privacy, or just a moment of peace.

Upgrade your home or workspace with the Aussie 3D Makers Door Hanger Sign today, and discover the convenience and style it brings to your life. Customisable, sleek, and practical, it’s the perfect addition for anyone seeking peace, privacy, and effective communication.

Some fantastic examples below of what other customers have used to retain their privacy.

  • “Quiet Please”—Ideal for creating a serene and noise-free environment, whether you’re working, studying, or just need some downtime.
  • “Privacy Zone”—Use this sign to establish personal space and ensure uninterrupted moments of relaxation.
  • “Available” / “Not Available”—An easy way to communicate your availability without words, whether it’s for work, socialising, or personal time.
  • “Think Zone”—Let others know that you’re engaged in deep thinking or creative activities and require minimal distractions.
  • “Nap time”—Perfect for those quick power naps or rest periods when you require some extra shuteye.
  • “Bathroom Break”—Avoid any awkward encounters while you’re using the restroom with this clear and humorous sign.
  • “Online Class in Session”—An excellent choice for students or educators attending virtual classes or meetings.
  • “Quiet Hours”—Designate specific times during the day when a peaceful atmosphere is required.
  • “Recording Studio”—For musicians, content creators, or podcasters who need silence during recording sessions.
  • “Family Time”—Use this sign to encourage quality time with your loved ones without any distractions from outside commitments.
  • “Do Not Ring Doorbell”—Ideal for when you’re expecting a package or simply don’t want your doorbell to disrupt your activities.
  • “No Soliciting”—Ward off unsolicited salespeople or inquiries with a polite yet assertive message.
  • “Study Mode”—Perfect for students who require a dedicated space for focused studying and exam preparation.
  • “Conference Call”—Let your family or housemates know that you’re on an important call and can’t be disturbed.
  • “At the Gym”—For home gyms or workout spaces, indicate that you’re exercising and need uninterrupted time.

Please note, Primary Colour is for the Hanger itself and Secondary Colour is for the writing.

Weight.250 kg
Writing Colour

Black, Red, White, Purple, Pink, Green, Gold

Hanger Colour

Black, Red, White, Purple, Pink, Green, Gold


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